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    Forget the olympics. I watched the Disney Channel games

    Why don’t they do this anymore

    I just appreciated the fact that they put Corbin Bleu on the blue team

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    Everything you love is here

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  4. 9093) I disgust myself.

  5. ‘i loved you more than anyone motherfucker’

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  6. "It is dreadful how I miss you, and everything that everybody says seems flat and stupid."
    — Vita Sackville-West, from a letter to Virginia Woolf dated January 29, 1927  (via perfect)

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  8. "You messaged me out of the blue.
    I wasn’t looking for anyone,
    In fact I was too busy running from someone else,
    But I slowed down enough to reply
    You slowly became my good morning text,
    My drunken phone call,
    My tearful FaceTime when work had wrung me out like a dirty tea towel,
    And you were there,
    — FRS, Yes we met on tumblr, no she wasn’t a fifty year old man. (via larmoyante)

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    Graduation ceremony of Architecture students

    Debating whether I should do this